Children's/Youth Theater

Ein Abenteuer mit den Improvisionären

Improtheater für alle ab 4 Jahren
Die Improvisionäre

Here we perform whatever you want. The audience decides which characters take the stage and how the story continues. Sometimes Die Improvisionäre even bring reinforcements from the audience on stage. Interactive children’s and youth theater.

Playing times
Su 02.06 16:00

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The Improvisionäre are an impro theater ensemble based in Berlin and consisting of performers with additional qualifications in theater education, communication, diversity manager, team management, event management, speech therapy as well as the social sciences and economics. Seit acht Jahren spielen sie regelmäßige Improshows für Kinder und Erwachsene. They have regularly performed impro shows for children and adults for the last eight years.

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Caligariplatz 1, 13086 Berlin