Sophie Bogdan

What does it mean to be a woman? How does society want to see a woman? This solo performance examines the development from girl to woman. The transformations are examined in different snapshots, such as birth, the first playful steps as a child or the discovery of one's own sexuality.

Playing times
We 29.05 19:00 Th 30.05 19:00 Su 02.06 18:00
Entrance fee:

9,00 € · reduced 5,00 €

Event notes

The toilets are on the first floor.


According to the organizers accessible.


Sophie Bogdan - concept und performance


Sophie Bogdan is a performer. She loves experimenting with colors, materials and the senses and is particularly interested in topics such as being a woman and inner emotional worlds and perceptions with the constant question of how these relate to society. In addition to her work as a performer, Sophie models, paints, write screenplays and make photographs using an analog camera.


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