Music Theater/Performance Suitable for english audience

Once Upon A Time in an Unknown Future

Solo SynthPunk Opera
sesperisi AKA Özgür Erkök Moroder & opening concert: "Jenny's Playlist"

A synth-punk opera with music, singing, dance and performance. An apocalyptic narrator leads us through the evening with news from the future. He provides impressions of the end of the world through song and dance. His appearance references The Wildman, a mythological figure of medieval Europe who stands for wildness and anarchy in art and literature.

Opening concert "Jenny's Playlist" starts at 9pm.

Playing times
Th 30.05 22:00

45 Minuten

Entrance fee:

8,00 €


not specified


partner (venue): Arka Oda Berlin – Ozan Maral


sesperisi is a concert performance persona performed by Özgür Erkök Moroder (Turkey) since 2007. Synth-punk and French house meet electro clash. sesperisi brings music, storytelling, opera, stage show, dance, extravagant self-designed costumes and performance together in a post-apocalyptic, retro futuristic atmosphere.

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Arka Oda Berlin

Karl-Marx-Platz 16, 12043 Berlin