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Eine musikalische Abwrackzeremonie von Tucké Royal, Adolfina Fuck (Matthias Meppenlink), Rose Slavery (Christoph Wirth) feat. Meduse Rise (Arantxa Martinez) nach Motiven von Bertolt Brechts Fatzerfragment

An attempt to work with the fragment left over from Bertolt Brecht’s didactic play Fatzer. With scraps of words and in melodies, using noises and the thudding of the drum machine, the performers musically approach the topics of dissidence resistance and rising up against a desolate reality. What can be done with the circumstances become more difficult? From song to noise to commentary and back again, a participative concert happening unfolds.

Playing times
Sa 01.06 19:00 Su 02.06 19:00
Entrance fee:

12,00 € · reduced 8,00 €

Tickets notes

A reservation is possible at karten [at]


According to the organizers accessible.


OBLIQUE SENSATIONS is a transmutation of the Berlin performance label OBJECTIVE SPECTACLE. We design experimental and more or less participative environments for performance, art and discursive contexts. We work in different working constellations and formations at the borderlines between sound art, performance, installation art and social practice. In search of a little bit of magic and the relics of presence within the pseudo-Babylonic post-digital present, we invent strange and oblique performative terrains, which challenge both perception and sensation.

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