IKC ufaFabrik

ufaFabrik is a public interdisciplinary space for culture in the south of Berlin. Culture, art, ecology and social togetherness have been researched, tested, lived, dream and realized here since 1979. Internationale Kultur Centrum (IKC) ufaFabrik is responsible for its year-round local, national and international schedule of cultural programming on three stages and in the summer garden with an open-air stage that is programmed from June to September.

U Ullsteinstraße

Viktoriastraße 10-18, 12105 Berlin

Th 30.05


Top Card Camilla

A bilingual play about a very special collection. Recommended for age 6+.
Children's/Youth Theater, Suitable for english audience

Su 02.06


Roadshow Roulettenburg

Spoken Word Theater