Ruhm Theater

The Ruhm Theater is not an institution or a place to go with or without a date to consume culture from 08:00 to 09:30 pm. This is just a space, a room, a ruhm. People also live here, paint, make or hear music, dance, read, do acting training and rehearse. Why not make it public if necessary and share it with others? The idea arose from the model of the Room Theater Tel Aviv, which has existed there since the 80s and is directed by actor and acting coach Amir Orian. According to this model, actors and viewers meet face to face. The viewer can not escape into the darkness of an anonymous crowd. The drama is cinematic, closeness does not allow lies. It is not prescribed to be in another place at a different time, but the respective productions take place here and now in this apartment. The conversation with the audience afterwards is part of the performance. Theater is not just "history" (plot, lyrics, arrangements, staging), but also personal experience at the same time. It is about staying as permeable as possible, what is happening and changing at the moment. Sharing some of this personal experience afterwards is part of the concept.

U7, S Bahn Neukölln

Schöneweiderstraße 7, 12055 Berlin

Su 02.06

Free admission

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