Theater unterm Dach

The theater is a production and performance location for theater projects produced within the independent performing arts community and thus does not have a permanent ensemble. The support of the next generation of directors as the constituting moment of work has been received by the public, both in the world of professionals as well as by “normal” theatergoers, with a great deal of resonance and esteem. Numerous prizes and invitations to festivals attest to the continuous, high-quality work.

S, M2, M4, M10 Greifswalder Straße

Pankow/Weißensee/Prenzlauer Berg
Danziger Straße 101, 10405 Berlin

We 29.05


Th 30.05

Fr 31.05

Sa 01.06


Su 02.06


"Dreck" by Robert Schneider

Spoken Word Theater