Application for 2021 „Introducing...“

In order to apply for the newcomer’s platform Introducing... within the 2021 Performing Arts Festival, please fill out this online application form completely and submit it by March 4, 2021.

You can find additional information and instructions in the FAQs.
If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them; please send an email to: introducing [at]

Please note when filling out the form: The form cannot be saved in between and filled in later.


Contact Informations

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Information about the Artist / Group

This information is important for the selection of participants. Additional texts for editorial processing will be requested later.

Production Informations

This information is important for the selection of participants. Additional texts for editorial processing will be requested later.

Classification of Production

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Information about the Stage / Tech / Space

This year there will be no "classical" stage situation at "Introducing...". Nevertheless, we need information about your spatial needs, if you are applying with outdoor performances, site-specific works or similar, if you need rooms and stage settings for digital formats, e.g. for livestreaming parts, or simply a working space from which you can go online on the day of the performance and supervise it.

Please note that the performance venues can only provide very basic lighting and sound support. All props as well as more elaborate technology must be provided by the participating artists and cannot be stored before or after the performance. Times for load-in are limited. Any use of fire or flames (candles, cigarettes, et cetera) is only possible in exceptional situations and only then with the prior permission of production team of the respective performance venue! Please be absolutely certain to submit a technical rider.

Upload requirements

Legal Consent

I hereby confirm that I have read the instructions and information in the FAQs and that I am authorized to participate.
Yes, I hereby give my consent for my contact information (name and email ad- dress) to be provided to the accredited visiting industry professionals attending the festival in the form of a list.
I consent that, in the event of participation in the festival, this information will be edited and published in the festival materials (e.g. program) and online (website).

I hereby confirm that I hold all publication rights for the information submitted. We treat all information entrusted to us with care and respect and use it solely in order to implement the festival (selection process, application/announcement, coordination and documentation). By submitting the form, I grant LAFT Berlin the necessary rights, free of charge.

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