Performing Arts Festival Berlin@home

The Berlin Performing Arts Festival is proud to issue an invitation to its first online edition from May 19 to 24, 2020, bringing the performing arts right into each audience member's private living room. Over the course of an episodic documentary film, the artists and members of Berlin’s independent performing arts community will be presented within the own perspectives on the current situation. Within the Digital Showroom, the artist and groups will present themselves with the artistic works that had been programmed for the Performing Arts Festival while the performance venues will present their aesthetic profiles. Additional formats and opportunities invite the audience to discover, experience and encounter – around the clock and @home.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken to slow the spread of the virus have posed challenges to the cultural landscape that it has never faced before – and this is certainly also true for the independent performing artists, theater and performance venues throughout the German capital. The Berlin Performing Arts Festival has also been forced to react to the current circumstances. Subject to the approval of Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe, the festival, which has offered performances in a decentralized manner throughout broad swathes of the city since 2016, will bring together this year's performance venues in a digital edition and thus open up insights into the creative artistic work of Berlin’s independent performing arts community @home.

In collaboration with all of the partners of the festival and the schedule of programming, a documentary film will be created in English and in Germany that will be released in the form of multiple episodes over the course of the festival. Each episode will be dedicated to a different question with the goal of making the personal perspectives of all involved visible, audible and tangible within the context of the current events.

Within the Digital Showroom, the artists and groups will present their artistic works that had originally been planned for the schedule of programming to the audience using words and (moving) images, opening up points of access and providing creative approaches to their artistic praxis and projects – or provide invitations to live streams of their work. The numerous performance venues in the city will certainly not be left out, of course. In the Digital Showroom, they will present the diverse aesthetic profiles for which they stand – independent from the current situation.

In 2020 as well, the festival will pay special attention to artistic newcomers. The newcomer’s platform Introducing… will present the selected artists in a special online format: With each participant creating an Instructions for those at home, this year’s Introducing… artists will invite the audience to regard their performances as practical knowledge that the audience can in turn actively use.

There will also be discussion and networking programming for visiting industry professionals in the form of panels and webinars. In addition, the showcase and networking format PAF Show & Tell will take place digitally, allowing the artists involved to present their current works and enter into conversation with the audience. Behind the scenes, additional events, such as the internal advisement format 1:1 – Conversations About Artistic Praxis will also invite visiting industry professional to exchange and enter into dialogue.