In Public Space Performance



Bears seldom live longer than 30 years and can remember the era of a divided Germany just as little as millennials – just like hannsjana. And so the artists put on bear costumes and thoroughly examine the prejudices and privileges that have seeped into their respective West German and East German socialization. They walk with the audience along the formerly divided Brunnenstraße and search for traces of belonging that can no longer be so precisely localized in their audio walk.


By and with: Laura Besch, Alice Escher, Jule Gorke, Katharina Siemann, Lotte Schüßler & Marie Weich



Laura Besch, Alice Escher, Jule Gorke, Lotte Schüßler, Katharina Siemann and Marie Weich have been creating performances and audio walks as the artist collective HANNSJANA since 2011. In their artistic work, they challenge existing assumptions and engage with places and spaces in a humorous, poetic, musical and scientific way in order to make them experienceable and explainable to themselves and others. Their work has been presented at Nationaltheater Mannheim, Kunstfest Weimar, Theater Thikwa and at the Museum für Kommunikation in Berlin. The were part of the FREISCHWIMMEN network in 2018/2019.

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