Clara Isenmann

Clara Isenmann is an actress, theater and film maker, puppeteer and theater educator. She studied Physical Theatre (MA) at LISPA Berlin and audiovisual media and film (BA). Clara has performed in numerous productions (Volksbühne, English Theatre Frankfurt, Ship of Fools), is part of the ensemble of Theater Anu Berlin and tours with a circus under her skirt, her puppet solo "Schoßzirkus". With her multidisciplinary works she invites into magical poetic worlds, creates playful beings, infiltrates public space with theater and questions patterns of everyday life. She opens shared spaces, tells stories in direct contact with the audience, and explores themes of femininity, ritual, and transformation. She founded the "Bureau for Transgression of Reality", which realizes interactive poetic actions, and the "Dinner of Decadence", where clown training meets immersive theater. Her work has been shown internationally at festivals (including Performing Arts Festival Berlin, L'Art pour l'Art, International Puppetry Festival VPR, Galeria Bosque Nativo Chile). Clara has also worked as an assistant director in film and realizes short films.