Performinga Arts Festival

Geheime Dramaturgische Gesellschaft

We are the Geheime Dramaturgische Gesellschaft, the secret dramaturgical society. We would like to create places for conversations to pass through and linger in; places for exchange, discussion and reflection. A festival community is composed of diverse groups that frequently enter into exchange with each other. We will infiltrate the participants. We want to make the rounds of gossip and private conversations public. We want to move out of the dark corners where you just talk with the people you like or already know anyway. We want to bring about conversations between audience members of all ages, theater makers and organizers. In doing so, depicting one’s favorite scene is just as legit as a well-formulated criticism. We want to create spaces for conversations and offer up ourselves as available conversations partners, questioners and initiators. We want honest and subjective exchanges. We want to document these conversations and provide an invitation to continue to add to them. We want to talk with you.