Performinga Arts Festival

Jamila Barakat

Jamila Barakat (she/her) is a german-palestinian artist and teacher based Berlin. She studies MA Fine arts at the Berlin University of the Arts and Political Science at the Free University of Berlin. Her artistic work focuses on painterly references to vulnerability, fertility, togetherness, and mortality, and addresses questions about being human, particularly how humans are shaped by the post-capitalist age in becoming the self. Her work creates organic imaginaries likened to a cosmos of infinity, evoking the figurative boundary between natural organisms and utopian worlds. In 2018 she got the scholarship by Dorothea Konwiarz Foundation and in 2021 she founded the "Interspace Collective", a collective of non-white artists at the Berlin University of the Arts, organizing projects and exhibitions with other non-white artists and collectives to build a platform against the underrepresentation of BiPoC artists in the Berlin art scene. She was part of the curatorial team of the exhibition "Kein Schlaraffenland" (No Land of Cockaigne) at Uferstudios' PSR Heizhaus, which explored asymmetrical power relations of food under colonialism and deep-seated postcolonial structures of food practices and food. In the process, they collaborated with the food and art collective "soydivision."