Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

Marcozzi Contemporary Theater (MCT) is a physical-theater project and company based in Berlin funded in 2015 by the performance artist, theater trainer, researcher and former biologist Daniela Marcozzi.

So far MCT has realized about 12 ensemble and solo performances presented in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, United States of America, etc., and has collaborated with many visual artists, dancers, directors and musicians.

The core-group of artists are Elisabetta Chapuis, Melissa Derio and Cecile Rossant. Many other artists have been or still are part of the projects: Jacob Boeno, Jesús Espuña, Luigi De Cicco, Alexios Grammaticos, Stephanie Day.

The artistic language of the Esnemble emerge from an interdisciplinary dialogue, as body-voice training of Grotowski's research, physical theatre, contemporary dance, mime corporel, clown, vocal techniques, etc. The core-practice of MCT lays on the “Urgency of Expression", understood as a source of unconditional energy, the driving force necessary to express oneself in order to survive on a biological, cultural, artistic and political level. This condition is called Artistic Survival Mode.

As a spiritual-physical act, the performing arts arts represent for Marcozzi Contemporary Theatre a revolutionary tool to explore human nature and the impulse to express and share oneself.