Performinga Arts Festival

Mengna Tan

Mengna Tan(she/they) is a German-Chinese artist. In her works she plays with East Asian narratives, traditions, and aesthetics that influenced her as a child of Chinese migrants to Germany. She is currently researching on East Asian Cyberpunk, Anime and Science Fiction and feminist utopias. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Berlin University of the Arts and a Bachelor in German Studies at Free University of Berlin. Mengna Tan is currently doing her MFA in Fine Arts at Berlin University of the Arts in the class of Christine Streuli. In 2021, together with other Person of Color students, Mengna Tan founded the BiPoC group "Interspace Collective", an artist collective that provides a platform for BiPoCs artist. She was also part of the curation team at the exhibition „Kein Schlaraffenland“ at PSR Heizhaus from Uferstudios, which focussed on asymmetrical power relations of food under colonialism and deep-seated postcolonial structures of food practices and food. For this, they collaborated with the food and art collective „soydivision“ She is also part of the editorial team of the student magazine „eigenart“ of Berlin University of the Arts.