Nolundi Tschudi

Nolundi Tschudi is a performer, actor, musician, director and writer. In her own work, the primary focus is placed on the principle of solo performance and thus explains the approach of performing the most varying of performative, musical and aesthetic/visual disciplines herself. Der Tanz der tausend Würste (The Dance of the Thousand Sausages) is a performative experiment between a performer and 1,000 hand-stitched cloth sausages in which the discourses of our time can be broken down for a moment to a culinary and poetic consensus: sausage. During PAF Closing, an adaptation of the performance Am Fettrand der Welt (At the Fatty Coat of the World)will be created.


Su 29.05

Free Admission
Su 29.05 15:00

PAF Closing at Panke Culture

For the Audience, Visiting Industry Professionals and the Community