Tanasgol Sabbagh

Tanasgol Sabbagh, born in Amol, Iran, raised in Hesse, is a Berlin-based artist and poet. Her work moves between stage poetry and page poetry, in the form of performances, audio pieces, video installations, and musical collaborations.
In 2017, together with Temye Tesfu, Jacinta Nandi, Zoe Hagen and Jokaa, she founded the artist collective parallelgesellschaft, a series of events dedicated to exploring the creative and the political beyond the standards of German Leitkultur. 
Together with the lyricist Josefine Berkholz, she founded and moderates the auditory literary magazine Stoff aus Luft, which will launch in February 2022: a format that seeks to investigate the poetics of spoken and sound-based literature and make it visible and interrogable outside the often confining framework of print.