Live Talk

Corona Update # 1001 - The Independent Performing arts and the Cultural Landscape Following the Coronavirus Pandemic

Janina Benduski (LAFT Berlin) in conversation with Berlin's State Secretary for Culture Dr. Torsten Wöhlert, Franziska Werner (Rat für die Künste Berlin, Berlin’s artistic advisory council) and Stephan Behrmann (Allianz der freien Künste, the German National Alliance of the Independent Arts)

Culture policy in Berlin and throughout Germany has also been in a state of permanent stress since March of 2020. The effects of the measures necessary to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic on the cultural landscape were outlined very quickly, but the details as well as the duration have only been visible on a step-by-step basis, even for those who are well informed. Initiatives from the field of art and culture, politics and administration have acted and continue to do so in a state of continuous pressure and are forced to do this on multiple levels simultaneously: short-term relief programs and long-term resilience strategies, responsibilities on the level of the German federal government and matters that remain within the sixteen federal states, a necessary hibernation and the artistic impulse for action, temporary utopias made reality and the threatening complete financial collapse, an increased need for information and a high degree of uncertainty in planning. And all of that nearly without any in-person meeetings. 

It’s time to catch our collective breath – Corona Update #1001 asks for interim observations, learning processes and insights into cultural policy up until now. And yes, it also asks about what is still to come.

Livestream May 24, 2020 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. 
Takes place in German.