News of the PAPILLONS in times of Corona
Theaterensemble PAPILLONS

In the film INNEN LEBEN, we meet people who talk about the memories of flight and famine after the war as well as of rescue, love and joie de vivre on their balconies and at the windows. Accompanied by a choir and additional musicians, a resonance chamber is created to help overcome isolation. The film was made in the summer of 2020 at the nursing home Am Kreuzberg. 

Playing times
We 26.05 16:00 - 16:50 Th 27.05 16:00 - 16:50 Fr 28.05 16:00 - 16:50 Sa 29.05 16:00 - 16:50

48 minutes

Digital Event
What: Film
The film can be seen for free, donations are welcome via the donation form on the website.


Actors of the PAPILLONS: Aldona Holmsten, née Gustas (poems), Hanne-Lore Hühn (in memoriam), Maria Langgärtner, Bernd Leichsenring, Carlo-Angelo Mo, Heiderose Neumann (harmonica), Magdalena Nikulski, Thorsten Schüler, Irène Swiatopolk-Mirska, Udo Thiel, Elvira Werthmüller

Live music: Birthe Bendixen (vocals), Christoph Grund (piano, accordion, electronics, tape), Benno Trautmann (horn, alphorn)
Choir of the Fidicinlerchen: Ilse Gaulke, Anna Päche, Günter Richter
Corona choir: Michael Hanemann, Elisabeth Hoffmann, Alexander Klein, Monika Kuyumcu, Nina Kuyumcu (guitar), Tina Persch

Artistic direction/concept/interviews: Christine Vogt
Musical direction/composition: Christoph Grund
Conceptual collaboration: Birthe Bendixen, Christoph Grund
lighting/technical direction: Sven Keufner | sound: Phil Freeborn, Ronald Tarek
Assistant directors: Claudia Blaich, Nina Kuyumcu
Film direction/cinematography/editing: Friederike Berat
Second camera: Stéphane Doucerain
Sound mixing: Phil Freeborn
Production management: Christine Vogt
Production: Nursing home "Am Kreuzberg" (Unionhilfswerk Senioren-Einrichtungen gGmbH)


Many thanks to Katrin Schmell (facility manager), Juliane Kaptain (head of care), the nursing and care staff, the volunteers and the Theater Strahl Berlin.

Funded by the Stiftung Unionhilfswerk Berlin.


Theaterensemble PAPILLONS & weitere Beteiligte

Birthe Bendixen (voice/performance)

Christoph Grund (composition/piano/electronics/percussion)

Michael Hanemann (speaker)

Aldona Holmsten née Gustas (poems)

Hanne-Lore Hühn (in memoriam)

Sven Keufner (lighting/technical direction)

Nina Kuyumcu (assistant director/guitar)

Maria Langgärtner

Bernd Leichsenring

Thorsten Schüler

Irène Swiatopolk-Mirska

Udo Thiel

Benno Trautmann (horn/alphorn)

Christine Vogt (artistic direction/concept/interviews)

Elvira Werthmüller

F2 Theater im Pflegewohnheim

Fidicinstr. 2, 10965 Berlin