Introducing Talk

Introducing… cmd+c

Artist Talk
cmd+c in conversation with Anne Brammen (Ballhaus Ost) & Paulina Lorenz (author & film producer)

Following the livestream of Family of the Year, there will be the opportunity to get to know the cmd+c company and dive further into the topics of the work. 

With: Anne Brammen, dramaturge at Ballhaus Ost, and author and film producer Paulina Lorenz in conversation with Paula Knüpling, Marina Prados (cmd+c) and other production participants. 

The talk will be in German, but questions are welcome in English via the chat.

Playing times
Sa 29.05 20:00 - 21:00

60 minutes

Digital Event
This talk is available as a livestream and on demand until the end of the festival on May 30.
Event notes

Part of the program series Introducing...


Anne Brammen (dramaturge at Ballhaus Ost), Paulina Lorenz (author and film producer), Paula Knüpling & Marina Prados (cmd+c) and other production participants

Ballhaus Ost

Pappelallee 15, 10437 Berlin