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KEYNOTE #3 Soup & Chat - Getting Older Together

For the Audience, Visiting Industry Professionals and the Community
Serfiraz Vural

This keynote speech will serve as the introduction to the topic of the focus of the day, Getting Older Together. Serfiraz Vural talks about what can be understood by the term “intergenerationality” and which challenges multigenerational cohabitation can bring. Proceeding from her own biographical observations as a performer, she turns an intersectional gaze that is critical of discrimination to questions of growing older as an artist, but also as well during everyday life and in the future design of shared living and working space. Following the input by the sociologist, one’s own desires and needs for the legendary topic of growing older can be discussed during the subsequent lunch with the audience and colleagues.

Registration is requested.

Playing times
Fr 27.05 12:00 - 13:00

60 min.

Event notes

The event will be held in German spoken language.


With: Serfiraz Vural (sociologist, freelance performer)


An event by Performing Arts Festival Berlin. 


Serfiraz Vural

Serfiraz Vural is a sociologist, theater pedagogue and performance artist.

Circus Schatzinsel

May-Ayim-Ufer 4, 10997, Berlin