Installation/Exhibition/Video Music Theater/Performance Dance
Ichi Go © Elektro Kagura

New Kojiki

Reinterpretation of the Japanese myths

Pop culture meets Japanese mythology. Kojiki is the oldest traditional literary document in Japan and brings together myths, genealogies, legends and historic reports. Somewhere between contemporary dance, live animation and electronic music, ELEKTRO KAGURA dedicates itself to this collection of myths, and, in doing so, pose questions about the archaic texts and place them in a current societal context.


Stage Design, Live Animation: Yukihiro Ikutani
Dance, Choreography: Ichi Go
Music, Composition: AXL OTL
Dramaturgy: Tomoya Kawamura
Graphic Design: Tadaaki Kumagai
Stage Construction: Andreas Heilig
Production Management: Daniela Halpick



Elektro Kagura is an interdisciplinary artists' group founded in 2016 who live and work in Berlin. It consists of Ichi Go, a Japanese female dancer, Yukihiro Ikutani, a Japanese scenographer and visual artist and AXL OTL, a French composer.

The goal of Elektro Kagura is to create a dual dialogue between two epochs and two cultures through a fusion of contemporary dance, digital projection and electronic music. They do so on two levels, both between the sacred dance kagura and modern subculture as well as between Japan and Europe.

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