PAF Documentary Series

In collaboration with the partners of the festival, the schedule of programming and the film maker Paula Reissig, a documentary miniseries in English and German has been created that collects artistic voices talking about the current situation over the course of three episodes and allows them to be heard. Each episode is dedicated to a different question with the goal of making the different perspectives within the context of the current events visible, audible and tangible.  The self-taped videos by the participants have been processed and edited so that a document of this time has been created that demonstrates the options that the independent performing arts have in times of crisis to make a difference, to make a contribution to a future filled with hope and to work even more strongly with the medium of the internet.

Beginning on May 20, a new of episode of the PAF Documentary Series will be released each day. Each episode will be followed by discussions with invited guests.

Here you find all participants of the "PAF documentary series"

Raw & uncut: watch all artistic contributions at the "Library of Voices"


All Episodes of the PAF Documentary Series 

PAF Documentary Film

The PAF Documentary Film includes all episodes of the multi-part documentary series that were shown at the 2020 Berlin Performing Arts Festival @home.