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vier Personen stehen mit Musikinstrumenten auf einer Bühne.

Penthesilea - love is to die

von Bambi Bambule
Bambi Bambule

How does love work today? Over the course of a theatrical jam session, BAMBI BAMBULE recite, alienate and create new utopias for an equal treatment of the genders. The evening of theater becomes a concert, the performers become a band and Kleist’s Penthesilea becomes an album. Lived experiences, theories and pop culture are interwoven with the tragedy in an attempt to create an equal world with imagination.


Performance, Music: Heiner Bomhard
Performance, Concept, Direction, Text: Lena Drieschner (Bambi Bambule)
Concept, Direction, Text: Sascha Flocken (Bambi Bambule)
Performance, Concept, Direction, Text: Marie Jordan (Bambi Bambule)
Performance, Concept, Direction, Text: Lisa Marie Stoiber (Bambi Bambule)
Stage and costume design, technical support: Lina Marie Mayer
Stage and costume design, technical support: Theresa Scheitzenhammer
Production Management: Leoni Grützmacher


Portrait des Kollektiv Bambi Bambule.

Bambi Bambule

BAMBI BAMBULE was founded in 2018 by Lena Drieschner, Sascha Flocken, Marie Jordan and Lisa Marie Stoiber. We work as an artistic collective and develop a common understanding of working methods and performance types. In our work, we question social conditions and devise utopian mental spaces. Literary approaches, our own authorship, drama and performance are combined. Collaborative networks widen our collective on a regular basis; in the current work, additional participants are Heiner Bomhard (performance and music), Lina Mayer and Theresa Scheitzenhammer (stage and costume design) and Leoni Grützmacher (production management).

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