Performance Dance
Gekrümmter Körper seitlich, der seine Hände in Richtung Gesicht hebt, das mit einer Maske bedeckt ist. Im Hintergrund unscharf ein tanzender Körper in der Kirche

Schräger Vögel

A Queer Choral
Danilo Andrés, Rheremita Cera, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Tarlie Lumby, Christina Negocioiu, Roc Gottschalk del Pozo, Marcell Proske & Harald Stojan

The queer choral Schräger Vögel questions societal norms using the body and throat singing. While categories such as “harmony” and “euphony” represent dominant norms, “noise and guttural sounds” mutate into the critical alternative. Using their bodies and voices, the dancers perform personal mantras while they explore and experiment with the colossal acoustic dimensions of a sacred space.

Playing times
Sa 29.05 20:00 - 20:30

20 minutes

Digital Event


Direction & Choreography: Danilo Andrés
Performance: Rheremita Cera, Cristina Negocioiu, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Tarlie Lumby, Roc Gottschalk del Pozo, Harald Stojan, Marcell Proske
Voice Coaching & Sound Design: Rheremita Cera, Harald Stojan
Camera & Videography: Elisa Daniel (Trailer), Ādriān Āngěhrn, Ryan Fallon (Filmversion)


Organized by pio_near in cooperation with REFO Moabit. Funded in the program "Third Places" of the EKBO.


Danilo Andrés

Danilo Andrés is a dancer/choreographer and visual artist based in Berlin.


Schräger Vögel is organized by pio_near.

pio_near opens performative spaces for collective experiences and is a project of the performers Rike Flämig & Julia Bihl in cooperation with the Ev. Kirchenkreis Berlin Stadtmitte and the project locations Startbahn Neukölln, St. Matthäus and Refo Moabit. 

Rike Flämig & Julia Bihl are performers & pionears. Together they have been conceiving and realizing site-specific performances and artistic formats for theaters, galleries and festivals since 2005.

REFO Moabit

Beusselstrasse 35, 10553, Berlin