SPREEHALLE Berlin provides high-voltage art with internationally known musicians from the fields of electronic music to jazz and all the way to the contemporary avant-garde. Berlin’s newest production and performance venue for transmedial and intercultural music, art and performing arts electrifies with immersive sound experiences thanks to a 360° sound installation it developed itself and focuses on connections beyond borders - musical, medial and human.

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S Schöneweide (S8, 85, 9, 45, 46, 47)

Tram Edisonstraße (M17, 21, 27, 37, 60, 67)

Tram: Firlstraße (M27, 60, 67)

Venue notes
A continuous, step-free and level access from the street to the building and to the event area of a width of at least 150 cm is available. Barrier-free parking spaces and sanitary facilities are also available. Space for wheelchairs or walkers is provided in the event hall/area and there is the possibility of special suitable seat reservation and/or to enter the hall ahead of time.

Contact: Wiebke Wesselmann
E-mail: spreehalle@nurbaute.de
Phone: 030 98 60 83 89 2