Haus der Statistik: HOUSE A - A Performs (B) and C Watches

@ Haus der Statistik
Playing times
Sa 28.05 20:00 - 22:00
A continuous, step-free and level access (incl. curb ramp) from the street to the building and the event area is available. However, the Haus der Statistik is currently surrounded by construction sites and is therefore only barrier-free to a limited extent. To access the theater hall, low thresholds must be overcome at most. Access from the front via Karl-Marx-Strasse 1 through House A is without steps. At the rear entrance, two steps must be negotiated.

There are also barrier-free parking spaces and sanitary facilities available at the rear of the building complex in House D and in the House of Materialization.
Space for wheelchairs or walkers is provided in the event hall/area.

Contact: Daniel Wittkopp
Phone: 0176 323 319 53

A variety of theater makers have been at work in Haus der Statistik since 2019. But what they should make and what they ultimately make there is already kind of completely unclear. What that is is theater. Is it maybe simply this darkened room above whose door the word “THEATER” is written? But what if that wasn’t written above the door…

OK, there are spotlights, so light is a part of things somehow. And a curtain. And the theater makers themselves. And then people really come. The audience. Now this is theater. But otherwise… no one knows. They don’t even know themselves. At any rate, none of them are able to explain it.”

In the last two years, the theater makers working on the stage of Haus der Statistik have realized a large variety of performances. Due to the construction work, they will enter an interim phase in the spring and the pioneer users will move into a container until the planned theater spaces can be built.

Using an open stage format, Bühnen im Haus der Statistik invite you to the current auditorium and the lobby in Haus A. The central focus is placed on the question of what theater is, can be or should be. Why is a theater part of the initiative Haus der Statistik? Why does the city need a theater at Alexanderplatz and what can it look like?

With: All acotrs of Haus der Statistik

Bühnen im Haus der Statistik

Karl-Marx-Allee 1, 10178 Berlin