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Alex Bäke

It was supposed to be a flirtation with no strings attached. Now a great deal of responsibility awaits young Richard, who unexpectedly becomes a father after a one-night stand. After a decidedly carefree life with a variety of part-time jobs, now he really wants to give it his all and, in doing so, runs straight into every issue he had previously been so successful at avoiding. Alex Bäke makes a contribution to the sociocultural change in meaning of work and asks what work is today.

Playing times
Fr 31.05 20:00 Sa 01.06 15:00

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Performance: Celina Schneider, Martin Jörg, Franzi Eberhardt, Robert Frank
Direction: Alex Bäke
Dramaturgy: Marius Zoschke
Stage & costume: Nora Wilhelm


Assistance at the UdK and the Schaubühne. 2010 - 2014 member of the youth theater group Schaubühnen Die Zwiefachen. In recent years at various dance, theater and film productions have been involved in development and implementation, with texts such as In Transport have arisen.

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