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Changed Paradise

Performance cancelled!
Galli Ensemble Berlin

Performance cancelled!

The myth of Adam and Eve is performed. But this time, Adam and Eve are clowns. Someone yells “Stop!” from the audience before Eve bites into the apple. He complains: Humanity began to sin and judge ever since biting into the apple.” He suffers from not having the right passport, having the wrong religion, the wrong appearance and the wrong skin color. The discussion begins.

Playing times
We 29.05 18:00 Th 30.05 18:00 Fr 31.05 18:00

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actor Galli Ensemble: Thomas Matuzewski 
actor Galli Ensemble: Sina Haarmann
youth actor Galli Ensemble: Hasan Rahel
youth actor Galli Ensemble: N.N.


The trained actors of the Galli youth ensemble perform selected critical plays about topics that resonate with young people throughout Europe. Die Stücke haben eigene Kompositionen und Musik. The plays each feature their own compositions and music.

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