BORGTHEATER - cyborg performing theater

The audience must distinguish future notion of our own home from reality in the year 2050 in order to escape the pull of the simulation. With the help of the program, the audience sets off on a journey to a location that it believes to be real. The piece transfers the form of the video game to the theater and examines the effects of programming on human beings and on their environment.

Playing times
We 29.05 19:00 We 29.05 20:30 Th 30.05 19:00 Th 30.05 20:30 Fr 31.05 19:00 Fr 31.05 20:30 Sa 01.06 19:00 Sa 01.06 20:30 Su 02.06 19:00 Su 02.06 20:30
Entrance fee:

16,00 € · reduced 12,00 €

Event notes

Please arrive at the performance venue 15 minutes before the beginning of the performance. Admission takes place in groups every 7 minutes. The performance on May 29th (7:00 pm) is part of Theaterscoutings Berlin. More information at:


According to the organizers accessible.


direction, dramaturgy, idea: Rolf Kasteleiner / Anne-Sylvie König 
Ensemble Borgtheater – Cyborg Performing Theater: Anne Diedering, Alessandro Nania Pacino, Julia Pohl, Luis Huayna, Marie Golüke, Mirijam Verena Jeremic, Patricia Hektor, Simon Fleischhacker, Tobias Schulze 
Game Consultant: Svenja Anhut
stage design: Nicole Timm 
stage design assistance: Suzi Wolf 
costume: Kathrin Niemann 
make-up: Coralie Matzner
director assistance: Milen Zhelev
produktion management assistance: Rachele Ferrazzi 
distribution: Antonia Gersch
press: Yven Augustin
production management: cyborgproduction


CYBORG CITY2/ulysses-machine is the new production of the immersive game theater group BORGTHEATER- cyborg performing theater, which works at the interface between theater and video games.
This project gives the audience not only the opportunity to participate in the dramaturgy of an evening at the theater, but also to engage in roleplay, allowing them to assume the responsibility for and consequences of digitalization and increasing technology.

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Kühlhaus Berlin

Luckenwalder Straße 3, 10963 Berlin