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One-Man-One-Baum-Show mit Peter Trabner nach Friedrich Hölderlin
Peter Trabner

Peter Trabner draws us in with his stories: Empedocles, the Greek philosopher and magician, lived on Sicily. He threw himself into Mount Etna, climbed to heaven as a silver cloud and "distributed" himself globally in a homeopathic dose. That is, Empedocles is now everywhere and in everything, just like plastic in the world’s seas and exhaust fumes in our air. An ecodrama of antique dimensions unfolds.

Playing times
Fr 31.05 21:30
Entrance fee:

13,00 € · reduced 8,00 €

Event notes

The theater discounter is conditionally barrier-free. It is possible to accompany visitors via a ramp / elevator to the 2nd floor. The traffic routes / doors are wide enough for e.g. wheelchair users. Needs-based sanitary facilities or special markings are not available. We ask for registration of the elevator use.

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According to the organizers accessible.


by and with: Peter Trabner, Friedrich Hölderlin and the tree


In 1998, he developed the character of the policeman Herr Richtig (Mr. Right), with whom he makes performative interventions in public space. Seit 2003 ist Peter Trabner Mitglied des internationalen Kollektivs Two Fish, das in den Bereichen Tanz, Theater und Performance interdisziplinär aktiv ist. Peter Trabner has been a member of the international collective Two Fish since 2003, which is active interdisciplinarily in the fields of dance, theater and performance.

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