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Desire: Die Zügellosigkeit der Leere

Grosch & friends

From the outside, something is rarely what it seems. 
From to time to, the supposed core behind the beautiful façade is even empty. Like with a vase. All the same, the question is what is on the inside awakens one’s own curiosity. A mailperson is more than a person with a leather bag and the idyll of the provinces is not always idyllic. It is precisely this “more” that the group Grosch & friends is searching for in their second in-house production at Berliner Ringtheater. 

Playing times
We 29.05 19:00 Th 30.05 19:00 Fr 31.05 19:00
Entrance fee:

12,00 € · reduced 8,00 €

Tickets notes

A reservation is possible at ringtheater [at] gmail.com 


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Voice actors: Claus, Ulrich, Schneider, Krummenacher and Knüpling
Text: Ulrich und Grosch
Sound: Hamann
Direction: Grosch
A production of Berliner Ringtheaters


Grosch & friends is a network of young artists and performers from Berlin’s independent performing arts community and different theater schools initiated by director Katharina Grosch. The group produces its own texts. Everything is directed by Grosch.

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