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Diagonal Vertigo

Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

This piece examines the influence of political power on individuals. Inspired by the tragic event that unfolded in Genoa on August 14, 2018: 200 meters of the famous and majestic Morandi Bridge collapsed, killing 43 people. A catastrophe. Diagonal Vertigo examines the contradictions in our own survival instincts.

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Diagonal Vertigo
A performance by Daniela Marcozzi
music: Louis De Cicco
microscope video editor: Pierluigi Muscolino
digital scenography: Pasquale Direse
costume: Susanne Kasper
mask: Daniela Marcozzi
microscope camera: Daniela Marcozzi and Louis De Cicco
poster: Carlo Bortolini
lights: Paolo Grazzi
A production by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater, in collaboration with Expedition Metropolis Theater and Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte. Special thanks to Jules Beekwilder and his team at the Plant Research International of Wageningen, The Netherlands, for allowing the realization of the microscope video.


Daniela is a freelance theater performer, director, trainer and researcher. Based in Berlin since 2015, she earned her Master’s degree in biotechnology and began educated herself in the performing arts in 2003. In 2015, she founded the company/project Marcozzi Contemporary Theater. She has created solo and group performances that have toured Europe and the USA (Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Zagreb, Rome, Brussels, Sofia, New York and New Orleans, amongst others) Daniela teaches a regular course of physical theater in Berlin and workshops for performers in Berlin, Europe and USA.

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