Puppet/Object Theater

Die drei Fische

Il Teatrino degli Errori

Once upon a time, there was a lovely and quiet pond that three big fish lived in. The first was clever, the second was sort of clever and the third was dumb. The three fish lived happily and satisfied until one day a fisherman came… A fairy tale with underwater marionettes and live music. Suited for audiences members ages 2 and up.

Playing times
Fr 31.05 16:00 Sa 01.06 16:00
Entrance fee:

7,00 € · reduced 5,00 €


not specified


Roberta Annecchino: puppeteer
Gidi Fahri: live music and sounds


Il Teatrino degli Errori (The Puppet Theater of Errors) is a small and intimate puppet theater based in the Neukölln district and thus in the heart of Berlin. The puppet theater was born from Roberta’s passion for hand-carved marionettes. Audiences are charmed and transported by the wooden characters, crafted and animated by Roberta herself. They spring to life in detailed, bespoke stage settings to perform imaginative tales for kids and the young at heart.

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