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PAUL Kollektiv (Zahra Banzi, Edegar Starke, Jojo Hammer, Vera Köppern), Brad Nath, Rhea Schmid

Four slabs of material with embedded microphones, made from different substances such as plaster, silicon or wax. Four bodies create a landscape of sound through the interaction with the materials and the textures. How do we conduct ourselves within the environment and architecture we have built? Embedding examines how architectural materials influence our state of being.

Playing times
Fr 31.05 17:00 Su 02.06 17:00
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12,00 € · reduced 8,00 €

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A reservation is possible at paulstudiosberlin [at]


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musicians, performer: Brad Nath
dancer, performer: Edegar Starke
dancer, performer: Jojo Hammer 
set-/costume design: Rhea Schmid
dancer, performer: Vera Köppern
dancer, performer: Zahra Banzi 


PAUL is a collective for performing artists by performing artists. PAUL is a place for artistic exchange, a place for collaboration and a place for community. PAUL is the conglomeration of four performing artists, Vera, Zahra, Edegar and Jojo, who have created this platform together. PAUL is collectively run, without hierarchies. Together we strive for the same concepts and goals. In collaboration with PAUL, sound artist Brad Nath works between architectural design and sound art to develop techniques of space-making which are sensitive to the vibrations that occur at audible frequencies.

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PAUL studios Berlin

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