Spoken Word Theater

"Empfänger unbekannt" by Kathrine Kressmann Taylor (Deutsch von Heidi Zerning)

Eine Szenische Lesung
Luise Schubert, Anne-Catrin Märzke, Thaddäus Meiling

Over the course of 18 letters and a telegram, the story of two Germans is told, Martin Schulze and Max Eisenstein, two friends who ran an art gallery together in San Francisco at the beginning of the 20th century. When Martin decides to return to Germany in 1932, an intense correspondence began between the two. Everything changed with Adolf Hitler’s seizure of power in 1933.

Playing times
Sa 01.06 20:00
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12,00 € · reduced 8,00 €

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Direction: Luise Schubert
with: Anne-Catrin Märzke und Thaddäus Meiling


The performer and director Mareile Metzner and the performer Christoph Schüchner have worked together in different constellations since 1995. Metzner’s first completely independent production under the label metzner & schüchner creates a synthesis of her previous work as a performer, writer, dramaturg, director and arrange at the interface between drama, documentary research and musical performance.

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