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BY a friend.

Eine analoge Begegnung
Gianni Maccaronni

By A Friend offers a virtual space where new friendships can be made by random chance. The admission ticket provides an opportunity to interact with someone you don’t know, who could be younger or older and come from the same culture background or from another one. Over the course of a shorter or longer phone call, each audience is left free to decide whether a friendship should arise from this call or not.  


Playing times
We 29.05 16:00 Th 30.05 16:00 Fr 31.05 16:00

30 minutes

Entrance fee:

9,00 € · reduced 5,00 €

Event notes

In order to participate in "By A Friend" you have to buy your ticket one day prior to the performance. With the purchase of a ticket, your email address will be forwarded to the collective Gianni Maccaroni, after the performance your data will be deleted. On the day of the show, you will receive an email - by 3 pm - with all the information you need to participate. Welcome to your new life! The performance will take place on 29.05. and 31.05. in German and on 30.05. in English.


According to the organizers accessible.


Gianni Maccaroni
tak – Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg.


Gianni Maccaroni is a theatre and performance collective in Berlin. Gianni Maccaroni deals with processes of perception, communication and experience. We experimentally explore how people live together and experience their environment and connect them. Gianni Maccaroni develops interactive plays, performances, installations and participatory projects in public space. The theatre becomes a space which stimulates the perception and the fantasy of the visitor. A space which enables thinking about social processes and utopia and allows a transfer to the daily life.

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