Music Theater/Performance Suitable for english audience

He Wolf/She Man

sonic performance art for a couple
Katharina Haverich und Christopher Hotti Böhm

Along a chain of mutual transformations, Katharina Haverich & Christopher Hotti Böhm develop a psychogeography of physical couple relationships and techno-fetishist gender images. In the basement of the Alte Münze they find their gloomy playground on which they build a technical-alchemical production laboratory for reciprocal treatments and inflictions. The sound of glass bones shattering under high heels cuts into the postmasculine mechanical music. Fragility, care, togetherness, opposition and functional brutality determine their wordless encounter.

Playing times
Fr 31.05 22:30 Sa 01.06 22:30
Entrance fee:

12,00 € · reduced 10,00 €


not specified


Katharina Haverich: concept, design, performance
Christopher Hotti Böhm: composition, machines, performance 
Holger Heissmeyer: programming
A production by „BAM! – Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater“
Funded by AADK Spain Residenz, fleetstreet Residenz, Goethe-Institut, Rudolf Augstein Stiftung and Hamburgische Kulturstiftung


Katharina Haverich (performance artist) and Christopher Hotti Böhm (music performer) first collaborated in 2014 for performance label internil. In 2017, they went to Spain to develop He Wolf/She Man in the mountains. Ever since, they've been testing old medical equipment out on each other, discovering caves and former butcher shop's basements for themselves and sending each other videos of antiquated household appliances.

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