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In its music theater piece HERZTÖNE, the theater ensemble DIE PAPILLONS bring together the biographies and experiences of the performers which seem to have disappeared behind the veil of their dementia using songs, narrative, dance and music. Accompanied by the singer Birthe Bendixen and the pianist Christoph Grund, DIE PAPILLONS search for their heart tones.

Playing times
Th 30.05 18:00 Fr 31.05 18:00
Entrance fee:

12,00 € · reduced 8,00 €

Event notes

An introduction will be offered at 5:00 pm on May 30 and May 31 at the fountain before F2. Prior registration is requested.


According to the organizers accessible.


11 performers from RCFE „Am Kreuzberg“
live music by and with: Birthe Bendixen (Gesang/Stimmbildung), Christoph Grund (Piano/Komposition), Amadeus Schaltinat (Mundharmonika)  
conzept/direction: Christine Vogt
conceptual cooperation: Birthe Bendixen,Christoph Grund, Silja Landsberg                           costume/ stage: Silja Landsberg   
lighting design: Sven Keufner      
assistant director/performance: Nina Kuyumcu
assistants to the supervision: Charlotte Hartmann, Jessica Kirchner, Anika Spereiter, Yvonne Zwissler
PR: Barbara Gstaltmayr
Funded by Unionhilfswerk-Stiftung   
In cooperation with Kostümkollektiv e.V.


Katharina Haverich (performance artist) and Christopher Hotti Böhm (music performer) first collaborated in 2014 for performance label internil. In 2017, they went to Spain to develop He Wolf/She Man in the mountains. Ever since, they've been testing old medical equipment out on each other, discovering caves and former butcher shop's basements for themselves and sending each other videos of antiquated household appliances.


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