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Ich will keine Blaubeertorte, ich will nur raus

Totenbeschwörung nach dem Buch von Gabriel Heim

Based on the book by journalist and author Gabriel Heim, Ich will keine Blaubeertorte tells the story of a Jewish family in the Second World War, the story of a complex relationship between mother and daughter, of dying and continuing to live and of how the experience of violence, loss and guilt continues to haunt future generations.

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Su 02.06 18:00
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Admission is free. Donations are welcome.


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acting: Yael Schüler
direction: Jan Viethen
a production by y-productions Berlin-Basel
funded by: Dr. h.c. Emile Dreyfus Stiftung Basel, Saly Frommer Foundation Basel, Paul Grüninger Stiftung St. Gallen, Adolf und Mary Mil Stiftung Zürich


Yael Schüler is a freelance performer. She produces, creates and performs in theater projects under the name of y-productions, which often track down existing lifelines and convey historical, philosophical and culturally cosmopolitan content.

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