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IN.TO Collective Gosia Gajdemska & Anita Hernadi

We move between materiality and transience, between form and metaphor, between femininity and universality. The body moves, freezes, approaches and distances itself again. KAZE is a dance performance with video elements, inspired by the textile art and original clothing of Lidia Cankova as well as the influence of fashion on the performing arts.

Playing times
Th 30.05 19:00 Fr 31.05 19:00
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13,00 € · reduced 10,00 €

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choreography, dance, dramaturgy: Gosia Gajdemska
choreography, dance, video: Anita Hernadi
costume (original fashion designs) and artistic cooperation: Lidia Cankova
partners: K77 Studio


IN.TO Collective, founded by Gosia Gajdemska and Anita Hernadi, creates artistic works revolving around choreography, fashion and the visual arts. Working primarily as a duo, we cooperate with and invite artists, researchers and specialists from different disciplines. Our mission is to explore and expand the dialogue between various art fields, working methods and aesthetics.
Gosia focuses on choreography as a visual practice, including film and new technologies, touching upon such notions as (re)presentation, image, and identity.

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Galerie Cankova

Windscheidstraße 12, 10629 Berlin