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Tanztheater von Shaw Coleman
The Limelight Collective

Images of shipwrecked migrants in the Mediterranean visualize the danger that fleeing violence can bring. At the same time, it makes clear the safety that we all too often take for granted. This piece follows three people who suffer shipwrecks under different circumstances. Together, they explore topics including mourning, trauma, loss, uncertainty, trust and personal responsibility.

Playing times
We 29.05 20:00 Th 30.05 17:00 Fr 31.05 17:00 Sa 01.06 15:00 Su 02.06 18:30
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9,00 € · reduced 5,00 €

Event notes

A post-performance discussion with the artists is offered after each performance. 
The performance on May 31th is part of Theaterscoutings Berlin. More information at:


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direction/choreography: Shaw Coleman
music: u. A. Daniel Matzeit
The Limelight Collective is a project of Heilsarmee in Deutschland KdöR


The Limelight Collective is a community of performing artists of various disciplines coming together for mutual support, artistic cross-pollination and collaboration. Spirituality is a central theme of much of its work and philosophy, and often a starting point in its artistic process. The Limelight Collective is a project of The Salvation Army.

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The Limelight Collective

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