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Meeting the natives

A game
B.E.T. - Berlin Expat Theater

B.E.T. are eleven theater makers who have immigrated to Berlin. Meeting the Natives is a continuation of the project Departures/Arrivals that premiered during the 2018 Berlin Performing Arts Festival. After leaving their countries of origin and overcoming the initial difficulties of getting started in Berlin, these young women are now confronted with the social fabric of Berlin and the German language. What hidden rules, boundaries and rituals exist in a seemingly so open and free city like Berlin?

Playing times
Fr 31.05 21:00
Entrance fee:

12,00 € · reduced 8,00 €


According to the organizers accessible.


With: Marta Antinucci, Chiara Bucher, Elena Francalanci, Salome Paz, Andrea Posca, Eri Watanabe
Set & costume: Paulina Barreiro, Mona Glaß
Dramaturgy: Michele De Vita Conti
Concept, text, direction: Alessandra Giuriola


B.E.T. - Berlin Expat Theater (founded in 2017) is a theater oriented think tank of artists based in Berlin. The goal of our research, amongst other things, is trying to understand whether the rapid and violent transformations of the city of Berlin, and in the broader sense of the European Union, run in the direction of utopia or dystopia.

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