Papusza´s* Reise

Hommage an die polnische Roma- Poetin Bronislawa Wajs. Eine poetisch-musikalische Erzählperformance.
Ambra Myrrha

The audience sets off on a search for traces of the life and work of Papusza, one of the most important Polish Roma poets and singers of the 20th century. In her performance, Ambra Myrrha artistically brings together storytelling and musical improvisation to come as close as possible to the life and work of this extraordinary poet.

Playing times
Th 30.05 20:00 Fr 31.05 20:00 Sa 01.06 20:00

According to the organizers accessible.


Ambra Myrrha
storytelling: Ana Rhukiz:
harp/musical improvisation: Myriam Kammerlander:


AMBRA MYRRHA are storyteller Ana Rhukiz and harp-player Myriam Kammerlander. Since 2014, they have been together on tour in and around Berlin and Germany and are appreciated for their poetic performances. To date, they have realized eight productions directed to an audience of all ages, sometimes across generations. They have developed their decidedly unique and particular way of multilingual expression, combining old knowledge with free storytelling and instant composition, using dreams, old tales and songs, rituals, symbols and signs.

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