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p.u.r.e. walk #1: Drei Brücken und ein Tunnel

performativer Spaziergang
p.u.r.e. - performative urban research ensemble

This walk invites you along on an adventure to (re)discover the city of Berlin, make it your own, interrupt it and design it yourself. p.u.r.e. is a collective of walking artists who research the relationship between people and city, seeing it as a continuous, productive process. They decelerate, step out of their everyday rhythms and improvise.

Playing times
Fr 31.05 18:00
Entrance fee:

9,00 € · ermäßigt 5,00 €

Event notes

There will be an introduction and a subsequent audience discussion.
Meeting Point: U/S-Bhf Gesundbrunnen, Bellermannstraße (next to the entrance to the Gesundbrunnen Center), Mitte


not specified


conzept und performance: Jagna Anderson, Dodi Helschinger, María Ferrara, Susanne Soldan, Karine Thomas
produced by impro-per-arts – a platform for non-discipinary real time arts


p.u.r.e is a Berlin-based collective of walking artists, that has explored the manifold relationships between human beings and the city since 2015. Our special focus is the urban ecology of sound and movement. We perceive the city as a performative process in which we are all taking part and the urban space itself as being produced by these performative acts. Led by the question “How does the city shape us?” and “How do we shape the city?”, we continue to develope minimalistic aesthetics of urban performance.

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p.u.r.e. walks - Gesundbrunnen

Bellermannstr., 13357 Berlin