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Drifting Underground

Welcome to an unpredictable evening in the Chaos Casino! Give a big middle finger to the meritocracy for once or forget your own social life for a night: alternate with the “players” between rapturous freedom and claustrophobic panic, awful work processes and subversive unproductivity. A passionate mixture of theater, live music, video & happening.

Playing times
Su 02.06 19:00
Entrance fee:

10,00 € · reduced 7,00 €

Tickets notes

A reservation is possible at vorbestellung [at] ufafabrik.de


According to the organizers accessible.


performance: Bastian Parpan
live music: Kontrabass/Loops: Marcel Siegel
costume designers: Viola Jamborsky
performance, text & production: Maria Jamborsky
in coproduction with ufaFabrik


The Berlin-based performance group Drifting Underground with author and director Maria Jamborsky, produces idiosyncratic theater experiments, performance installations, theatrical art spectacles and Dada-inspired excursions in urban space.

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