Children's/Youth Theater


Installation/Konzert/Labor ab 3 Jahre
Theater o.N.

In this magic sound laboratory, three stations are brought together in one room using visible and invisible threads. Everyday objects such as marbles, a water glass, a disguised violin and poetic abstract paper objects, as well as a microphone and loudspeaker, fill the room. Here, three magician’s apprentices conduct research into their sounds and noises and observe how things can take on a life of their own. 

Playing times
Sa 01.06 20:00 Su 02.06 16:00
Entrance fee:

10,00 € · reduced 5,00 €

Tickets notes

A reservation is possible at karten [at]


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By and with: Akiko Ahrendt/Stellan Veloce, Neo Hülcker, Günther Lindner
equipment: Martina Schulle
lighting and technology: Michaela Millar
dramaturgy: Dagmar Domrös
production management: Olga Ramirez Oferil, Doreen Markert
The development of the piece is a part of „Klang-Stücke“ and was initiated within the scope of FRATZ symposium „Musiktheater für die Jüngsten“ | In cooperation with Deutsche Oper Berlin
Sponsored by Fonds Darstellende Künste e. V. and Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa Konfinanzierungsfonds


Theater o.N. is an almost 40-year old association of actors and puppeteers, directors, musicians and writers. Founded in 1979 with the name Zinnober, it was the first independent theater in the former German Democratic Republic. Since 2010, the theater, which is located at the famous square Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg, h as focused on the exploration and advancement of theater for audiences ages 2 and up. It has presented the biannual FRATZ International: Encounters – Symposium - Festival for the Very Young since 2013.

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Theater o.N.

Kollwitzstraße 53, 10405 Berlin