Music Theater/Performance Suitable for english audience

The Show of Small Things

Korhan Erel, María Ferrara, Beatrice Madach

A mattress feather, a tiny key without a lock, a gold foil chocolate wrapper – the world is full of beautiful orphaned objects, most of which remain unnoticed and end up in the trash. Using dance, electronic music and video projects, The Show of Small Things is dedicated to these homeless objects and allows the poetry and secret lives of these  to become visible.

Playing times
We 29.05 20:00 Th 30.05 18:00
Entrance fee:

15,00 € · reduced 10,00 €

Event notes

Tickets are available in our online shop. Look for the additional designation “Tanzscout - The Show of Small Things”. There are no additional expenses other than the regular cost of admission.


According to the organizers accessible.


choreography and dance: María Ferrara
live music: Korhan Erel
live video: Beatrice Madach
costumes: Lali Lalía
scenery: Olga K


The Show of Small Things is the first collaboration by the trio Korhan Erel (Turkey), María Ferrara (Spain) and Beatrice Madach (Germany). The three have worked in interdisciplinary formations before and share an interest in the textures that emerge at the meeting point between image, sound, action, the digital and the specific.

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