FAQs for the 2020 "PAF Show & Tell" Event

How do I apply?

An application can only be made using the online application form.

Who can apply?

Artists, artist groups and collectives who work professionally and whose work is based in Berlin that would like to present themselves and their work to their Berlin colleagues, the festival audience as well as visiting industry professionals during the festival can apply.

What work do I apply with?

During the PAF Show & Tell event, completed work, planned work or work that is currently being produced can be presented over the course of the open networking format and / or shown in brief excerpts in a live presentation.

How does the presentation take place?

There are two different presentation formats:

1.) An open conversation format intended to support networking. In this format, all artists, artist groups and collectives present themselves using work materials such as, for example, videos, stage designs, trailers or props.

2.) There is also the option of a live presentation that offers the opportunity to provide performative insight into the artistic work of the participants. The live presentations must be able to be realized within the existing stage situation without additional technical requirements. Depending upon the number of registration, the Berlin Performing Arts Festival reserves the right to convene a jury and make a selection.

What preparations are there for the presentation?

Alongside their individual preparations, all participants are asked to take part in an information event that includes a networking meeting where the schedule of the PAF Show & Tell event can be jointly discussed and coordinated. In addition, a dress rehearsal for the groups taking part in the live presentation will be held approximately one week before the festival.

Can I apply for the PAF Show & Tell event in addition to other programming series of the festival?

Yes. It is possible to apply for all programming series. Participation in Show & Tell can be combined with participation in another programming series.

When will I know if I can take part in the PAF Show & Tell event?

A response regarding participation will be sent by the beginning of February 2020.

What does the PAF Show & Tell event provide?

The PAF Show & Tell event provides the participants with the opportunity to present themselves and their work to the audience over the course of the festival. In addition, the format also provides the opportunity to network and conduct exchanges with other artists, performance venues, dramaturgs and industry professionals. The goal of the PAF Show & Tell event is to further develop the networking of the members of Berlin’s independent performing arts community as well as to provide insight into productions and working methods.

Which costs are covered by the event?

A one-time presentation costs fee will provide to each (selected) artist/group for each work presented within the live showing format.

No compensation will be provided to artists presenting themselves and their work using work materials in the open conversation format.

Who organizes the PAF Show & Tell event?

PAF Show & Tell is an event created and realized by the Berlin Performing Arts Festival. The Berlin Performing Arts Festival is an event shared between all independent performance venues, groups and artists working in Berlin, the independent performing arts community. The community is responsible for the festival artistically and organizationally.

The festival is presented by LAFT Berlin in cooperation with the performance venues Ballhaus Ost, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Sophiensæle and Theaterdiscounter. The festival coordination team works for LAFT Berlin. LAFT Berlin centrally promotes the festival and the participating productions, both in Berlin as well as internationally, and provides comprehensive support to the independent performing arts community for the realization of the festival.

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