FAQs for taking part in the event 2023 "PAF Closing"

Who can apply to be a part of PAF Closing?

Applications are welcome from professional artists, artist groups and collectives whose work is based in Berlin. Newcomers as well as established artists are welcome to apply. Direct contacts to Berlin’s independent performing arts community should already exist. The applicants should work professionally in the field of the performing arts. A selection for the PAF Closing is only possible if there is not already a selection of the artist/group in the newcomer platform "Introducing" at PAF 2023.

How do I apply to be a part of PAF Closing?

Applications are only possible using the online form. The application form is available online and must be filled in completely and submitted by February 21, 2023.

The submission of video material is mandatory for the application to PAF Closing.

What work can I apply with?

In general, newcomers as well as established artists or groups of artists are welcome to apply with short performances or excerpts from productions in the following areas of the independent performing arts: spoken word theater, performance, dance, figure and object theater, music theater, contemporary circus, et cetera, as well as interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work that is also part of the performing arts.
Existing short performance or solos, excerpts from existing productions or adaptations can all be submitted. The short performances will be presented analog to a live, physical audience; as a result, we are unable to consider digital work. We are looking for short performances with a small team with a maximum of three participants as both the technical as well as spatial resources are limited. This means that the short performances should be able to be realized using simple technical resources as well as able to be realized without the use of a set or lengthy setup times. The festival itself will provide the basic technical support such as lights and sound. The submitted work should be suitable for presentation indoors or outdoors (the event location will be released in April 2023).

The short performances will each be performed once and may not exceed a length of 15 minutes. It is possible that shorter performance may be able to be repeated.

What does being a part of PAF Closing offer me?

PAF Closing is the event that concludes the festival on its last day as a brilliant ending event with a schedule of programming consisting of artistic work, audience and refreshments. The event is also intended to provide artists who are not working with an event location or performance venue and who are not represented within the Programming from the Community with a platform to present their work. The diversity of artistic approaches and topics be presented through the selection of the short formats and thus bring festival week to its close. Visiting industry professionals, colleagues from outside of Berlin as well as audiences and artists from Berlin are all warmly invited to attend PAF Closing. There will be no parallel events within the Programming from the Community on the day of PAF Closing. This will ensure that the artists receive a great deal of visibility for their work as well as a broad audience.

The artists taking part in the short performance will be compensated in accordance with the valid fee recommendations of LAFT Berlin.

Who will make the selection of the work?

The applications will be reviewed and the selection will be made by the team of the Performing Arts Festival at the beginning of March 2023.

The submission of video material of the performance is mandatory. This does not have to be a professional trailer. Applications are asked to provide text and possibly visual material that provides a strong impression of their work.

When will I be informed whether my production was selected?

The decisions will be announced by the middle of March 2023.

How many times will my production be presented?

At the moment, we are planning for each short performance to be presented once over the course of the PAF Closing event (variations to this are possible depending upon the production format). The order and times within the schedule of programming will be determined in conjunction with the participating artists.

Which expenses are covered?

The Berlin Performing Arts Festival will a fee in the amount of the minimum fee recommended by LAFT to the selected artists will be part of PAF Closing. Unfortunately, costs for any required travel or transportation cannot be covered. During the PAF Closing event and in preparation for it on the same day, the festival will provide basic technical and organizational support. A basic technical setup will be provided. Any special technical needs must be discussed with the responsible parties within the festival team in advance.

Who organizes the festival?

PAF Closing is an event created and realized by the Berlin Performing Arts Festival of LAFT Berlin.

The Berlin Performing Arts Festival is an event shared between all independent performance venues, groups and artists working in Berlin, the independent performing arts community. The community is responsible for the festival artistically and organizationally. The festival coordination team works for LAFT Berlin. It centrally promotes the festival and the participating productions, both within Berlin and internationally.